S7 300/400/WinAC


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No special consideration has to be made about these CPU, Settimino has full access to these PLC either directly (with the integrated interface 3xx-PN or 4xx-PN) or via the CPX43 interface.


Use ConnectTo() specifying IP_Address, Rack, Slot for the first connection, this functions set the internal parameters and connects to the PLC. if a TCP error occurred and a disconnection was needed, for reconnecting you can simply use Connect() which doesn't requires any parameters. Look at the reference of ConnectTo() for a detailed explanation of Rack and Slot.

Itís possible but itís not mandatory to specify the connection type via the function SetConnectionType() which must be called before ConnectTo(). By default the client connects as a PG (the programming console), with this function is possible change the connection resource type to OP (the Siemens HMI panel) or S7 Basic (a generic data transfer connection).
In the hardware configuration (Simatic Manager) of the CPU, under ďCommunicationĒ tab, you can change, PLC-side, the connection's distribution, if you need.
PG, OP and S7 Basic communications are client-server connections, i.e. they donít require that the PLC have a connection designed by NetPro.
Note : This is an optimization function, if the client doesnít connect, the problem is elsewhere.

Connection type table

Connection Type






S7 Basic



Itís possible, but uncomfortable, to connect to a S7300/400 PLC using TSAPs (SetConnectionParams() function) as well.
To do this, use 0x0100 as Local TSAP and follow the next formula for the Remote TSAP.